The first post is always challenging. The author has no read on the audience yet (there is none), and the audience has no read on the author (26-year-old resident of North Shore MA, singer-songwriter, narcissist & “person living with diabetes” as they taught me to say at diabetes camp.) How’s that by way of introduction?


Well then. I am forging towards my first Whole 30! Accompanied by my wonderful soon-to-be husband, Will. Our dog will continue to eat her grain-free Kibble. Here’s what we know so far:

Start Date: January 19, 2015

Current State: We are coming from a S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) lifestyle if there ever was one. Will has allergies to most fruits and some vegetables, and that’s about the only food restriction we have. I treat my Type 1 diabetes with an insulin pump, and use that as an excuse to eat whatever I want, whenever. I consider us to be “social drinkers” but as we’re very social, that means we drink just about every evening. Both of us have worked in the restaurant industry in our small town, so we go out to eat several times a week to see our friends (and because, you know, laziness).

Goals: While our goals differ, we both definitely want to lose weight before our wedding in mid-May. I’d be very happy to take off 10-15 pounds. My other goals, bulleted:

  • Better control of my diabetes. A1C of 7 would be amazing for me.
  • Clear skin. I have worse acne now than I did as a teenager.
  • Change my relationship with dessert & alcohol. I consider these both to pleasures turned habit. They should be special, not obligatory.
  • More energy/focus. I recently started a work from home job that has given me 3 more hours daily, which is amazing! But… I find myself spending them sleeping or lazing around. I’d like to have the energy and motivation to meet some of my longer term goals, rather than putzing around on my phone. This, like the last goal, is more mental than physical, but 30 days of abstinence should give me the time to reflect, as well as boost my willpower (it better!)

Will hasn’t outlined his specific goals to me, but he tends to have back and elbow pain, an occasionally upset stomach, and the allergies I mentioned above. He may not be planning to address these with the Whole 30, but all of those are listed as things that the Whole 30 can help out with.

I’m beginning to obsessively plan it out, with about 10 days to spare. This blog will serve as a combination food diary, accountability partner, assessment of our overall well-being during the journey, and historical reference for us. Whether or not I share it with anyone remains to be seen…

Drinking. Typical!

This is us at Castle Island in July 2014. We don’t take pictures much.

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