Prep Time

The day has finally come… my copy of Well Fed has arrived! I spent my Christmas Amazon money on a bunch of supplies for our Whole 30 and have been eagerly awaiting them.  If we hadn’t already planned our annual vacation to Vermont for this weekend, we would be ready to start, but since I know we are going to be indulging in VT cheese, syrup and whiskey (Whistlepig!!) we are holding off until the 19th. That said, I think I have a good chunk of supplies ready for next week. Here’s what I got so far:

It Starts With Food – Duh. I’m 53% of the way through according to my Kindle.

Well Fed – I’ve been reading a bunch of Melissa Joulwan’s posts online and am super jazzed to start making some of these recipes. Especially chocolate chili!

Ghee – I had never heard of this before, but they actually sell it at the organic store just down the corner from us! Yay!

Coconut Aminos / Coconut Oil / Coconut Milk – the funny thing about all this is that I don’t particularly care for coconut, but mostly due to the texture. Coconut oil has been great for cooking so far, so I’ll keep an open mind for the rest of it…

Muffin tins – We own pretty much every other kind of bakeware, but I had to borrow muffin tins from my parents to do all. these. delicious. looking. breakfast. cups. They’re my great grandmother’s so that’s pretty cool.

Veggetti – Yes, most normal people know this as a Zoodle Maker. Yes, Veggetti is a way funnier name. Yes, I bought Will this for Christmas as a gag gift. And YES I am dying to use it.

Sunbutter – I had a spoonful yesterday, and it straight up tasted like dirt. But I’m sure by week 3 of this experience it’s going to taste like creamy, delicious heaven.

We also have all our normal cooking supplies that we’ll be using a lot of: food processor, blender, wok, cast iron pans, etc. I’ve been expanding my pin board with some recipes and am feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Anything missing from my list? Do I sound prepared or incredibly naive?! All input and experience is appreciated!

I know the muffin tin looks dirty but it's just antique, I swear.

I know the muffin tin looks dirty but it’s just antique, I swear.

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