The last supper–Whole30 starts tomorrow!

So. The whole 30 officially starts tomorrow. I’m sipping my last whiskey right now.

After an indulgent weekend in Vermont, we went on our first “haul” and lordy, I have never bought so much produce in my life. It’s funny, with the amount of planning that I did, I’m still so totally unprepared–I didn’t even know what a leek looks like, even though it’s in 2 of the recipes I picked out. I also made the poor deli girl pull out an enormous leg of Prosciutto di Parma to check the ingredients to make sure it was compliant (it is! huzzah!)

10 lbs of onions... and more!

10 lbs of onions… and more!

So I attempted some prep tonight and it was… interesting. First up, prosciutto egg cups from Nom Nom Paleo. These look like they came out great (I’ll confirm tomorrow!) However, I used coconut oil to grease the muffin pans and APPARENTLY I used too much, because 10 minutes in there was smoke pouring out of the oven and the smoke alarm was blaring. The muffins were fine, but the oil had bubbled over the side of the tins and was promptly being burnt to a crisp at the bottom of our oven. No worries, we opened all the windows (in January in Massachusetts, NBD) and Will and I did a tandem towel-fanning dance. We may recreate it as our first dance at the wedding.

So THEN I attempted some mayo and of course that came out broken and runny. The next 30 days might not go as smoothly as I planned. This is what I get for trying to food prep at 11 at night. I saved the broken mayo and will either revamp it for some dressing (even though it looks utterly gross right now) or try to fix it tomorrow morning. CDAPALEO has this fix for mayo disasters I may try–anyone have experience with this?

That’s the extent of my prep fails so far, but I’m sure there are many more in store for me tomorrow. Will and I both agreed that we are doing this 100% full on, no outs and no excuses, even if that means we have to deal with smoke inhalation and eat runny mayo for 30 days, so be it. Tomorrow we go down the rabbit hole…

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