Whole 30 Day 2

I’m not sure I’m in the hangover phase as stated in the Whole 30 timeline, but I was tired as hell when I woke up this morning. That’s probably because I didn’t even realize I had tivo’ed The Bachelor until 10 or so, and I had no wine to lull me to sleep after…

Another good eating day + lots and lots of prep. Here’s the rundown–

Meal 1: Two of the leftover prosciutto egg cups from Nom Nom + grapes. Love these egg cups, but I’m going to make a sausage batch (recipe via PaleOMG) tonight so that we don’t get bored. The grapes made it so I didn’t crave a mid-morning snack like yesterday, even though I had meetings til 2.

Meal 2: Chicken salad made with the leftover roast chicken from last night and amazing MAYO. I am seriously never buying store mayo again. Served over mixed greens with olive oil and vinegar dressing, jalapeño stuffed olives and an egg. This salad was more satisfying than yesterday, probably due to the kick of jalapeños and that damn mayo!!

Meal 3: Meatballs (via Holistically Engineered) & Zoodles (the veggetti worked like magic). I found a compliant tomato sauce at the health food store around the corner, and you can’t even tell it doesn’t have sugar or junk in it. I was definitely full by the end of the meal, but it wasn’t that gross pasta weighted-down feeling.

How do I feel? Tired, mostly. I did some cardio today which will hopefully make me sleep better tonight. It also just takes a shitload of time to make all this food! I was so spoiled prior to this because Will is an amazing cook and handled most (OK, all) of our meal planning and making. But since I’m “project managing” this whole endeavor, I’ve voluntarily taken over those duties. It feels good (I used the word nurturing this morning, and I’m not a maternal person AT ALL), but it’s also stressful and time consuming and frustrating since I’m not all that good at it yet. But I will get better! I just have to stick with it.

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