Day 3 – The cauliflower meltdown

Yes, day 3 shall be remembered as the cauliflower meltdown. Also the day I decide to Keep It Simple. It wasn’t all so bad, but I was rushing around to leave for my a cappella rehearsal, forgot to preheat the oven for the steak, and then the damn cauliflower would not mash anyway I tried. Not the blender, not the food processor, not the handmixer, not the potato masher. Definitely would not recommend unless you have an immersion blender!

Does this look mashed to you? No, no it doesn't.

Does this look mashed to you? No, no it doesn’t.

Meal 1: Sausage, onion and tomato egg cups via Seasonal Savory. Note to self: Use coconut oil on the muffin liners! I also had an avocado (my fav) since they’re finally ripe!

Meal 2: Chicken sausage, hard boiled egg & leftover veggies from the chicken roast. Damn, those veggies were good. That might be a weekly roast.

Meal 3: AKA the panic meal. I wound up eating like a half a cup of the cauliflower mush while making it and then a prosciutto egg cup as I rushed out the door to head to rehearsal because I was late, late, late.

Meal 4: Will made me a steak when I got home. Because he is the best. And some spinach and grapes to meet my healthiness quota.

How do I feel? I felt pretty down all day, both physically and mentally. The hangover is real. I feel much better now thankfully, since rehearsals always make me feel better. And I came home to a steak, clean laundry, a clean house and a PLAYSTATION 4 (!!) which Will went out and bought.

My big lesson of the day is to relax a little with the food and not be so ambitious about recipes and crazy whatnot.  We haven’t had time to get food boredom yet, so we should stick to what we know works (and what we normally makes that can be adapted).


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