Day 5 – Perfect blood sugars.

OKAY GUYS, here were my blood sugars today: 103, 100, 103, 78, 75, 104. So yeah. I shoot for 100, and I nailed it.

I think this is probably the reason why I’m feeling so great already. I have done a not-so-great job of taking care of my diabetes, which is definitely a point of shame for me. I lost a lot of control when I went to college for many reasons, and instead of getting back into the swing of things once I really got into adulthood, I just let it become a habit. But since I’m making such a drastic dietary change, I’ve been all over doing my blood sugar. (In all honesty, I have a google doc spreadsheet that calculates my average and I have a weird obsession with collecting data in google docs, so that’s my real motivation. Whatever works, right?) I’ve also read a bunch of the forums over at Whole 30 to prep myself for the options, and all of them just reiterate how complicated keeping your levels right are.

Anyway, back to the food–

Meal 1: A combo of sausage and prosciutto egg muffins + sauteed onions and spinach. These muffins have been my saving grace for breakfasts this week. Definitely making 2 batches for next week.

Meal 2: Tuna avocado salad + snap peas. When I made it, I immediately thought we would need more food, but it was actually completely filling and held us over til dinner no problem, not to mention DELICIOUS. Might make it again tomorrow honestly.

Meal 3: Will cooked because it’s Friday and he loves cooking! And I missed being able to lounge on the couch while he cooks. He made this butternut squash soup as an appetizer, then ribeyes and Melissa Joulwan’s diner-style home fries. The soup was good, but not quite as good as another recipe we’ve used that calls for bacon. If only we could find compliant bacon! Overall a great meal though.

Will was basically trying to eat this already as I was taking this pic.

Will was basically trying to eat this already as I was taking this pic.

I’m so excited for our first real Whole 30 weekend so we can actually do full prep! Plus it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and being snowed in and making boatloads of food sounds pretty awesome. The only thing I’m really missing right now is alcohol–it hit 5 today, which is normally when I pour myself a glass of wine and start wrapping up my emails (the perks of working from home!), and I definitely had a pang for a glass. Luckily we have Diablo 3 to distract ourselves at night 😉

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