Days 6 & 7 – THE WEEKEND

We made it through our first weekend on the Whole 30! Granted, we were hermits a bit, but still. Yesterday it snowed so we took that as an excuse to stay in and cook and clean (I had no idea how much cleaning would go along with making 3+ meals a day). Exciting Saturday stuff, huh? We got to experiment with some different recipes, without the stress of being hungry or rushed. Here’s the rundown:

Saturday (Day 6)

Meal 1: Smoked salmon omelette with green onion dressing + sauteed spinach and onions. Who knew you could make something creamy by grinding up cashews?? I’d still prefer cream cheese with my salmon, but it certainly offers a texture I probably won’t get anywhere else on the Whole 30.

Whole 30 version of smoked salmon and cream cheese

Whole 30 version of smoked salmon and cream cheese

Meal 2: Butternut squash soup from Melissa Joulwan. Lordy, this was delicious. We skipped the bacon because we still can’t find anything compliant, but it was still excellent. Will definitely make again.

Meal 3: Chocolate chili, also from Melissa Joulwan. This had been hyped up a lot on blogs, and it was certainly good, and out of the box for chili for sure. It did just make me long for Will’s go to chili recipe that’s bacony and beany and spicy and we love to eat on cold Sundays during football season. That might be something we don’t recreate.

Sunday (Day 7)

Meal 1: We made brunch/board game plans with my brother and future sister-in-law, so we had a light breakfast–1/2 an avocado and some smoked salmon.

Meal 2: Brian and Missy made us eggs with mushrooms, onions and spinach + Applegate chicken apple sausage (yummm) + home fries.

Meal 3: Leftover butternut squash soup (I’m really glad this is gone!) and buffalo wings from Black Girls Eat Clean. I am in love with these wings. Definitely making them for the Superbowl next weekend.

How do I feel? We successfully navigated our first social outing, even if it was a daytime board game brunch with family 🙂 Brian and Missy were super nice and accommodating (who doesn’t eat cheese on eggs?!) and they had a few beers later in the afternoon and I was only very slightly jealous. I’m feeling a lot more prepared for this week–most of my meal plan is leftovers or prepared food, so I’m hoping for no meltdowns this week.

Will and I have been talking a lot about continuing to eat like this, with caveats for special occasions (honeymoon in Italy? Um yes to cheese, pasta and wine.) We both feel so much better already, and it just hasn’t been that hard. I’m wondering if we’re going to encounter some bigger obstacles this week, physically and mentally, because other than days 2 and 3 feeling awful, I haven’t been struggling much (and Will hasn’t batted an eyelash). We will certainly see…

P.S. Taking a page out of Melissa Joulwan’s book (literally), we made our own Ras El Hanout spice mixture which I am now obsessed with. Definitely lots of spice experimentation to come. Yay!

One of these things is not like the other

One of these things is not like the other

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