Day 9 – The Blizzard!

The title is dramatic, but there’s not terribly much to report here from under 2 feet of snow (that’s a total guess–I’m not trying to go outside.) Will also got a pass to work from home so we had a little bullpen action going on from the couch this morning. It was also a nice opportunity to make more bone broth from the chicken last night. This batch produced a lot more and looks way better than last week.

Yeah. Not going outside.

Yeah. Not going outside.

Meal 1: Prosciutto egg cups + 1/2 a banana + blueberries. I’m still not sick of these muffins amazingly. I’m due to make another batch tomorrow though.

Meal 2: Leftover chicken soup. We have so many leftovers this week, it’s flipping awesome.

Meal 3: Meatballs and zoodles + blueberries. This is a ten minute meal and I’m obsessed with it.

I guess the food diary part of this is getting a bit boring, but honestly, the food choices aren’t boring yet even though they’re getting repetitive. I’m just happy to settle into this as a sort of routine, even if it means the novelty is wearing out. And if I can make it through being snowed in without drinking that is a damn good sign!

We’ll take a break from our regularly schedule talking-about-how-Millie-is-feeling segment and try something new. How are you feeling, Will? “Overall, great. It feels like we’re eating too much, but I know we’re not (Ed. note: yeah, we’re not). And my face feels thinner (Ed. note: yeah, it is.)”

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