Day 10 & 11 – Quitters never win

According to the Whole 30 timeline, days 10 & 11 are the hardest, when people are most likely to quit. In a way, I can see it, but for the most part I’m excited to hold out and see what the “real” results are. This is also the week you’re most likely to suffer from, ahem, gastric distress which (knock on wood), I haven’t. Even though I’m seriously craving a drink at the end of some days, and cake pretty much all the time, it’s nothing I can’t pretty easily suppress. I have seen two pretty tangible things so far: my skin has completely cleared up (!!) and I *think* I’m getting slimmer. Will is definitely thinning out–he’s fit into a couple shirts he couldn’t before 🙂  I know that one of the rules is not to weigh yourself, but I was pretty tempted to take measurements today. Of course I googled it first and found something that explicitly said NO MEASUREMENTS so I sucked it up and refrained. It’ll be more satisfying to wait and find out at the end… right??

We’ve pretty much settled into a food routine–We haven’t really made any new recipes this week, which is good from a time management perspective and bad from a blogging perspective. I did make up some sausage muffins on the fly which came out pretty well. So at least I’m doing ok on the improvising front!

Day 10 (Wednesday)

Meal 1: Prosciutto egg muffins + banana and blueberries. I’m really happy with these as a quick meal, but I need to find a way to make them a tad less greasy. I think the combination of fat in the prosciutto and coconut oil on the pan is just a tad overkill.

Meal 2: Tuna avocado over salad. I love this meal and it’s so fast!

This was Will's packed lunch. I really need to get him a lunchbox.

This was Will’s packed lunch. I really need to get him a lunchbox.

Meal 3: Steak + creamy market spice kale from Well Fed. This recipe is not online, so I’m really glad I bought the actual cookbook! I’ve never really eaten (or cooked) kale before, and this came out great. Kudos again to Melissa Joulwan. Will is in charge of cooking the steak and he always does a great job.

Day 11 (Thursday)

Meal 1: Sausage egg muffins + banana. I skipped the recipe I did last week and just modified Nom Nom Paleo’s prosciutto recipe above. I used muffin liners instead of the prosciutto, and made the filling with 8 eggs, 2 chicken sausage, 1/2 cup coconut milk, and sauteed onion, mushrooms and red pepper. Really happy with how these came out.

Meal 2: Chicken salad (leftover roast chicken + paleo mayo) and leftover roast veggies. Yum.

Meal 3: Leftover chocolate chili. I think this is even better a couple days old.

How do I feel? Pretty normal. Sooo glad my skin has completely cleared up. I’ve been feeling pretty cooped up due to the storm (I realized today that I haven’t left the house since Monday–scary). So I made a gym date with my gym buddy tonight and got some running in, which helped a lot. I have been pretty lax on working on recently, so now that I’ve got my diet and schedule under control, I’m going to try to step it up. The gym in town is 24 hours so I really have no excuse, especially with all my free time from not drinking! We’re also going to see The Last Five Years this Saturday so that’ll keep me from going stir crazy.

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