Days 12 & 13 – Over the bridge!

It’s funny, when I first moved to Gloucester, assuming it was a temporary location, I discovered there was a certain pride amongst people who didn’t go “over the bridge” (for those out-of-towners who’ve made your way to this ol’ blog, Gloucester is technically an island and the only way to get out of town is… well, you know.) Little did I know it was only a matter of time until I became one of them…

So today was a big day for us, in that we not only went out of town, but we went to Boston to look at wedding rings (and get my engagement ring fixed–I lost a stone, albeit a tiny one). Which means we walked around Boston in the freezing cold WITHOUT stopping for a nice warm drink at one of the many bars we passed. We also ate out for our first time since we started this shindig, first getting a black coffee at Starbucks (I know, really pushing the envelope) and then hitting up the salad bar at Whole Foods (yup, we are the fanciest).

This is my life now.

This is my life now.

Also, two awesome things we found today! CHOCOLATE TEA!! And BACON WITH NO SUGAR!!!! Today really has been a great day.

So as per usual, the food diary:

Friday (Day 12)

Meal 1: Sausage egg muffins. I think we’ll probably just keep eating these for breakfast forever.

Meal 2: Meatballs & zoodles. Should I start calling this veggetti and meatballs? That might have a better ring to it.

Meal 3: The rest of the sweet potato soup (we’re making this again tomorrow, so good) + leftover roast chicken. We were going to make lemon haddock filets but were just burnt out from it being you know, Friday.

Saturday (Day 13)

Meal 1: Applegate chicken apple sausage + 2 fried eggs + Trader Joe’s chipotle salsa + veggie juice.

Meal 2: I finally got it together to make Melissa Joulwan’s paleo Pad Thai. I am so happy with how this came out! I seriously thought it looked insane as I was putting it together, plus it pulls from like 4 recipes in the cookbook so I was a tad frazzled, but it came together like magic. Next time I just might make the batch of sunshine sauce a little bigger. Also, spaghetti squash is amazing. It literally turns into spaghetti strands at the touch of a fork. This might steal the pasta impersonator gold medal from veggetti, but we’ll keep them both in the arsenal for now.

Meal 3: Whole food salad bar — a bunch of greens, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled chicken, hardboiled egg, “tomato basil dressing” aka salsa, compliant tuna nicoise, some weird mango/pepper concoction, and avocado kale salad. Yeah, I get overwhelmed at salad bars. It turned out OK.

How do I feel?  Well, right now I’m drinking a cup of chocolate tea, super warm and cozy on the couch with Will and our pup. I feel great about being successful navigating a day outside of the house and out of town, even if we did eat in the dining/phone-charging/kid’s play section of Whole Foods. I’m realizing how much Will and I thrive on going out and being around other people, even though normally I consider myself a homebody. From now on, we’re going to push ourselves a little bit more so that the Whole 30 =/= being hermits. How’s that for a February resolution?

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