Day 14 – PATRIOTS!!!

So yeah, we just won the Superbowl. No big deal.

I was a little nervous going into the game (other than for the actual game) due to the social aspect of it. We were originally planning to have Will’s brother and nephew up to watch the game, but their family wound up getting sick at the end of the week and (very nicely) decided not to expose us to it. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been feeling a little pathetic about how little we’ve seen people recently, and staying at home alone for the Superbowl would’ve been the lonely icing on the hermit cake.

Sooo we wound up going to our friends’ house who actually originally introduced us to the Whole 30 and it was really fun! We drank a lot of seltzer water, brought veggies and compliant dip, and our lovely hostess made us compliant wings as well. The game certainly made us tense, but somehow we made it through without a whiskey. And WE WON!! So again, I’m very happily on the couch with my chocolate tea.

Meal 1: Fried eggs + leftover roast veggies + BACON. Yes, our first Whole 30 bacon. This stuff is made in Vermont and is pretty delicious. It does taste different from our standard bacon, fattier and a little thicker and chewier, but I actually really like it. Thank you Whole Foods!!



Meal 2: Lemon pepper haddock + salad. I figured we should eat a big lunch since I wasn’t sure what the deal was with the food at the party.

Meal 3: I got a little hungry before we even left for the Superbowl party, so I had a little bit of leftover paleo Pad Thai.

Meal 4: Buffalo wings + veggies and “ranch” dip. This is the snackiest I’ve been since we started the Whole 30, but it felt right for the Superbowl.

How do I feel? Like I made it through one of the more challenging days I’ll have not drinking alcohol within this 30 days, which is a great feeling. Next weekend I have an overnight a cappella gig with the girls in CT, which will be a tough one too. It will be fun anyway, but being away from home for that long is bound to present me with some tough food choices, plus we’re almost definitely going to go out for a bar. But it’s all part of the journey right?

It’s also interesting how quickly I’ve gotten used to having 3 big(ger) meals to satiate me. Once I started the intermittent snacking on veggies and wings, I pretty much just kept going all game. I don’t think I ate too excessively, but I definitely ate more than I would have if I have a predefined amount in front of me. Since I was just grazing, I never seemed to get that “full” message from my stomach. It definitely shed light on the no snacking recommendation for the program, and I’m glad we got that experiment, because it affirms the changes that have already started with my eating habits.

One thought on “Day 14 – PATRIOTS!!!

  1. Congratulations! If you can make it through the super Bowl on Whole30, you can do anything! All of Sweet Caroline know about your lifestyle change, so they’ll be supportive. Not to say THEY won’t drink or eat take-out – it’s your change, not theirs.


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