Days 15 & 16

At the end of the first week, Will and I were both feeling great and were already starting to notice a difference in how our clothes were fitting. That said, it’s unlikely that just the 30 days of the challenge were going to get us all the way to the point we wanted to be at for our wedding. I know, I know, we’re both happy with each other and we shouldn’t necessarily cram for one day, but it’s something we both really want to do for ourselves (and for the millions of photos that will be taken). SO, seeing the difference that this way of eating was making, and how relatively “easy” it had been so far, we decided to plan on extending our Whole 30 for a couple extra days to take us through to the weekend. Since drinking should be special, we shouldn’t waste our celebratory champagne on a Wednesday, now should we??

Welllll I’m starting to feel a little bit less gung ho about the decision now that we’re in the thick of things. Hitting day 14 and having it not actually be halfway through felt kind of tough. Will is going through a little bit of the sads that I was feeling on days like 4 and 9, and that kind of sucks too. It’s hard to know how much of the emotional roller coaster is the food, and how much is the control that our habits and wants have over what we do. Like, I know that not constantly putting bread into my body has to have some major consequences in the way that my body has to harvest energy, and it probably doesn’t like that. But also, the long list of NOs for what we can consume has robbed us of other things–going out to eat & socialize with our typical crew; feeling “normal” in social situations; being able to use a glass of wine to wind down instead of actually having to make the effort of mentally unpacking your anxiety at the end of a tough day; the convenience of saying, fuck it, let’s get a chicken parm sub from D’estino’s for lunch. Add on the extra layer of guilt in realizing that those stupid things that should just be a convenience actually have such a HUGE HOLD on my habits and emotions, and yeah. It’s just been a little tough. A worthwhile examination, but tough.

That said, we ARE halfway through now, and since we said we would do the extra days, we will.

Day 15 (Monday)

Meal 1: Prosciutto egg cups (as per usual) + grapes.

Meal 2: Meatballs + butternut squash soup.

Meal 3: Roast chicken with veggies. This is def our go to Monday dinner and provides us with a nice set of leftovers for the week.

Each week I’ve been making bone broth with the leftover carcass from the chicken. Last night I was just feeling absent minded I guess, and didn’t turn the broth down to a low enough simmer before going to bed. Woke up to a nice mess of burned bones and veggies stuck to the bottom of the pan. Learned my lesson on that one!

Day 16 (Tuesday)

Meal 1: Prosciutto egg cups (surprise!) + 1/2 apple and sunbutter. The sunbutter tasted astonishingly good on a granny smith. Gonna do this again tomorrow.

Meal 2: Leftover lemon pepper haddock + salad with O&V&lemon + olives.

Meal 3: I had a mini-meal of leftover chicken breast and veggies as a snack before our Elks meeting at 7:30.

Meal 4: Burger with bacon and avocado + veggie juice. We’ve been going with veggie juice (I guess a compliant version of V8?) whenever we’re too lazy to actually cook veggies, which I know is not really the same thing. Whatevs. I took a picture of the burger (which was delicious!) but it doesn’t look 1/1000th as good as it tasted, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

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