Days 17 & 18 – Good food!

The past few days we’ve done a good job of breaking out of our normal food routine and not messing anything up. Creating a new meal of really good food that keeps you full and is super satisfying is really a nice reminder of why we are doing this 🙂

Day 17 (Wednesday)

Meal 1: Prosciutto egg cups + 1/2 an apple + sunbutter. I am so on board with sunbutter now. My palate has changed for sure.

Meal 2: Chicken salad from the leftover roast chicken and homemade mayo + sauteed spinach, onions and mushrooms. Not exactly cohesive but delicious nonetheless.

Meal 3: I had some time to kill before my a cappella rehearsal so I was planning on going to Chipotle and ordering the “paleo hack” but I was still so full from lunch at 6 that I held out. I wound up having my first Larabar on my way home to tide me over to dinner. Wow, that was not what I was expecting. I had the cherry pie flavor, and I really expect it to be majority nuts plus fruit, but it was like a big ball of sweet date. Too sweet honestly. There I go again with my palette changing…

Meal 4: Leftover paleo pad thai. Love.

Day 18 (Thursday):

Meal 1: Oh my, I cannot get over how good this sweet potato hash skillet was this morning. It wasn’t even on our meal plan, I just googled it at 7AM and went for it. Sooo delicious. Shredded sweet potato, bacon, chicken sausage, mushrooms, and eggs. I want to eat this every day.

Heaven on a plate.

Heaven on a plate.

Meal 2: Baked chicken thighs a la Well Fed + guacamole. This was also my first attempt at guacamole (I know I know, it’s super easy) and it came out great. I kept it simple: avocados, jalapeno, lime juice, garlic and onion powder, and S&P.

Meal 3: Pork chops and apples + baked sweet potato fries. Will is a really good cook and I love it when he cooks for me. Does get me hankering for wine though!

How am I feeling? Good! Physically I’m feeling really great, if a little cooped up from the snow. I’m probably due for a bit more exercise than I’ve been getting, but I don’t have my car and it’s not really walking weather, so I’ve been dependent on a friend to be my gym buddy AND ride. I did get one zit, but honestly for 18 days I can’t complain. My palate is definitely changing for the better as well–every meal I have is just so tasty. Either we’re getting better at cooking or I’m getting more appreciative.

I think mentally we’re getting over the hump too. The hard part really hasn’t been the food; it’s been the alcohol and socializing parts of our routine. But now that we’re two weeks away from being done, it feels like we’re making progress. We’ve talked a lot about setting guidelines for ourselves from an eating AND drinking perspective post-Whole 30 because neither of us want to get back to where we were. But that occasional glass of wine will definitely make me a lot more pleasant happy camper, and I’m OK with that 🙂 Two weeks to go!!

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