Days 19, 20 & 21 – Actually being social

I really thought I would blog about this every day when I started this thing. How naive, huh? But I’ve been neglectful because I’ve actually been out doing stuff which is a good thing!

Day 19 (Friday) 

Meal 1 – Eggs + bacon + sauteed spinach and onions. We’re almost done with the 3 packs of bacon we got at Whole Foods last week. Clearly we are not the moderation types.

Meal 2 – Butternut squash soup + leftover haddock. Will had his with a fried egg which looked delicious, but I wanted to kill some of the leftovers in the fridge. We’ve never had so many leftovers before in my life.

Fried eggs with everything please.

Fried eggs with everything please.

Meal 3 – I made paleo pad thai again. I think this batch was better than my last, and it was easier for me to make everything concurrently. I made a double batch of the sunshine sauce, since last time there wasn’t really enough to quote everything. I might’ve gone a bit overboard–next time I’ll make a double batch but save a quarter of it for something else.

Day 20 (Saturday)

Meal 1 – Will and I got up around 6:30 on Saturday since I had a gig with Sweet Caroline that I needed to leave early for and Will was kind enough to give me a ride to my carpool. Luckily we made more egg cups the night before so we had a quick breakfast on our way out the door.

Meal 2 – Berna and her parents, our lovely hosts for the weekend, were super accommodating about my food restrictions–2 of the girls are gluten free anyway, so we don’t do pizza or sandwiches for group meals most of the time anyway. We wound up doing a salad bar at their house so I had a greens + spinach, tomato, avocado, cucumber + O&V. I also brought my own tuna with no soy and jalapeno stuffed olives, just to be sure I hit my protein and fat quota. They also had grilled chicken from the grocery store, and of course there was some weirdo soy ingredient in it. It’s one of those things where I know it can’t be a big deal, and if I wasn’t doing the program I would have no problem with it, but seriously–why the fuck do people put soy in our chicken?! It just seems so sinister.

Meal 3 – At the gig they got pizza and lasagna, so I had a couple pieces of lettuce from the pizzeria salad haha. It is sort of comical how ridiculously restricted I am. Being gluten free is pretty common now, so they very nicely got a gluten free pizza. And that should be all the precaution that any host should really have to take! No one expects someone who can’t eat gluten… or any grains… or dairy… or sugar. Anyway, we were planning on going out to eat after, so it was no big deal. It just makes me feel a little prickly to have to be so high maintenance. Even having diabetes has never felt so controlling of my life (although to be fair, it probably should be). So off we went to Bobby Q’s which has the most amazing barbecue, seriously. If you are ever in the area, go. I didn’t wind up getting anything BBQ because there’s pretty much sugar in everything, but that’s fine, I’ll be back for sure. I got a burger + onions + mushrooms + guacamole, with grilled veggies on the side. My first time really eating out–total success.

I resisted the pork nachos. Also the tequila shots, not pictured.

I resisted the nachos. Also the tequila shots, not pictured.

Day 21 (Sunday)

Meal 1 – Scrambled eggs with tomato and avocado + rosemary roasted potatoes + fruit salad. Berna’s dad was awesome and made this all for us. There’s really nothing like having supportive friends for throughout this whole experiment–I can’t imagine doing this if people were trying to get me to cheat or drink all the time, which seems to be pretty common from the forums I’ve read. All my friends ask a lot of questions and it’s nice that everyone is interested, and keeps me engaged about why things are off the plan, and why I’m doing this to begin with.

Meal 2 – Leftover pork chops. I got home from CT at like 3 and was pretty hungry. No way I was going to the grocery store (to prepare for another snowstorm!) on an empty stomach.

Meal 3 – Wings from Black Girls Eat Clean + baked sweet potato fries. Snow means comfort food.

How am I feeling? A bit like my emotions are on the fritz. Some moments I’m totally high and energetic on the whole experience. The next I’m crying during a music video, or snapping because we can’t find something at the grocery store. I just feel way more irritable and like I’m on a roller coaster. I would do some analysis, but I’m sort of burnt out on trying to figure out why. Aside from making enormous changes in our entire diet and social lifestyle, our stress level is just higher in general–our wedding is in three months, so we’re way in the midst of planning that plus our two week honeymoon, AND I’m going a little stir crazy from the combination of working from home and being snowed in from the 8 blizzards we’ve had in the past few weeks. It’s just a weird confluence of things. I’m optimistic that things will take an upswing–it is a 30-day program after all. At the very least I’m learning a lot.

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