Day 24-28 – That time when I forgot to blog

Well, I didn’t forget per se. Pretty much every night I’d say “Will, I have to blog, I haven’t done it in x days” and finally I got to 5 days tonight and it’s official–I’m the worst Whole 30 blogger. Oh well! The whole thing has become routine at this point, so I don’t think about tracking every meal and feeling the way I used to. So that’s actually a pretty good thing. And since I figured out the correlation between starchy veggies and my mood, I’ve been significantly happier. I’m totally skipping over Wednesday and Thursday because that was forever ago and we basically just ate leftovers and pad thai and eggs as usual.

Day 26 (Friday)

Meal 1 – Prosciutto egg cups + a banana.

Meal 2This amazing salad with baby spinach, smoked salmon, avocado, grapes, and chia seed dressing.

Meal 3 -Porterhouse steaks + diner-style home fries from Melissa Joulwan. The home fries came out way better than last time, super crispy and spicy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside.

Day 27 (Saturday)

Meal 1 – Sweet potato hash with bacon, chicken sausage, mushrooms and fried eggs thanks to PaleOMG. This meal is the best.

Meal 2 Amy’s split pea soup + prosciutto. I liked the soup, but Will was not a fan. It was nice to have on hand though.

Meal 3 – Pork tenderloin with apples and onions. Will makes a great Valentine’s day meal 🙂 We also watched the Terminator movies because we are so romantic.



Day 28 (Sunday)

Meal 1 – Eggs scrambled with peppers + chicken apple sausage. We legit each ate a pepper this morning since we had to get rid of them.

Meal 2 – Butternut squash soup + tuna salad. I’ve been really slacking on lunches lately.

Meal 3 – Roast chicken and veggies. On a SUNDAY. I know. The Bachelor was on tonight (and tomorrow!) so it seemed appropriate.

How am I feeling? So good! Eating this way is getting way easier, to the point where I don’t feel the need to compulsively plan every meal and can come up with things on the fly. We’re planning to continue eating like this with a few exceptions (like cheese and eating out). Otherwise, why not keep rolling with what works? Only 5 more days to go (!!!) since we decided to go through Friday. Friday night we’re planning to go to Halibut point, have a glass of champagne and some oysters (maybe even with cocktail sauce!) I am definitely looking forward to having more of a social life, although it might not happen if we keep getting more snow. I also bought a unsweetened chocolate bar since that’s what I really really want to eat, but I think I’m just gonna stick it out til Friday to keep in the spirit of the food not having a psychological hold on me. But DAMN I can’t wait to have chocolate.

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