Day 1… Again

so I was remiss and never posted our follow up from the last whole 30. BUT it was pretty wildly successful. We both felt great, lost significant weight (I think will lost 15 pounds and I lost 6), and stuck to the eating plan for a while… Until we didn’t. So here we are, back again! We have a friend in North Carolina who is trying it for the first time along with us too, so it’ll be nice to compare notes with her. And we understand the amount of prep work involved so hopefully there won’t be any meltdowns like the last time 😉
Day 1

Breakfast – mushroom onion quiche with a bacon crust. I’ve been using this recipe as a template for quiche for breakfast for the last few months or so. It’s not quite as good as the prosciutto egg muffins I was obsessed with for the last whole 30 but it’s way less labor intensive.

Lunch – buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. Isn’t it great that frank’s is Whole 30? We won a bunch of chicken at the elks meat raffle a few weeks ago and made a huge batch of shredded buffalo chicken and froze it. Super convenient.

Dinner – slow cooker butternut squash soup. My parents grew about 50 butternut squashes this fall so we will be eating this a lot. Deeeeeelicious. 

And no Will and I are watching Gotham and drinking tea! Back to our old and boring ways. How I missed them… we have a puzzle to do this time and I’m stupidly excited 🙂


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