Well I guess radishes grow pretty quick! Things are happening pretty quickly with my second round of seeds. Still no basil, but the radishes are growing like weeds and the lettuce and kale are poking their heads up too.

Radishes! Round 2

The ones I moved outside last weekend are thriving pretty well too. I am thinking I’ll definitely need more lettuce to support our salad eating over the summer, but we’ll see. I also bought a basil plant from the grocery store which I’ll plant into a window box since I just couldn’t wait for the seeds to come up.


The big move

For the past week or more I’ve been bringing the little seedlings outside in the mornings and Will has been graciously bringing them in for me around 1. I read that in gardener speak this is called “hardening off.” They’ve been doing pretty well – the lettuce, chives and sage are all thriving, so they’ve been the first to make the big move outside!!

I have two window boxes in my possession, so these guys are in one right now. Check ’em out!

Window Box



Even though I planted them in biodegradable pots, I read a recommendation to take them out so that the roots won’t have to fight through the pot to get to more soil. They look reasonably happy but I’m worried about them already… they’re growing up so fast!

I also planted some more seeds to see what sticks: buttercrunch lettuce, kale, radishes, mint and more basil. These ones I planted in these fancy seed starters. We’ll see how it goes.

Chives and Sage

Alright folks, we got chives and sage coming up! The chives are the thinnest little stalks I’ve ever seen and the sage are very low, wide pairs of leaves just emerging from the soil. The lettuce is still going strong and the thyme is basically the same.

Some of the cups are getting a green sheen over the top… I hope that’s OK. I’m still watering when the top soil looks dry, which works out to be every other day or so. And it’s sunny for the first time in a week so hopefully that improves things for the little guys!


Quick update: there’s no update. The lettuce is going strong, and the thyme is still just hanging out. I’m surprised the basil hasn’t popped up yet since that’s only supposed to take 5-10 days but I’m sort of assuming I’ll just have to try again once it’s warmer outside.