Chives and Sage

Alright folks, we got chives and sage coming up! The chives are the thinnest little stalks I’ve ever seen and the sage are very low, wide pairs of leaves just emerging from the soil. The lettuce is still going strong and the thyme is basically the same.

Some of the cups are getting a green sheen over the top… I hope that’s OK. I’m still watering when the top soil looks dry, which works out to be every other day or so. And it’s sunny for the first time in a week so hopefully that improves things for the little guys!


One thought on “Chives and Sage

  1. Congratulations that so many have sprouted. The green growth on the dirt is just mold that’s happy you’re keeping the soil moist, and it’s not a problem.

    When will you be transplanting them into window boxes?


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