Well I guess radishes grow pretty quick! Things are happening pretty quickly with my second round of seeds. Still no basil, but the radishes are growing like weeds and the lettuce and kale are poking their heads up too.

Radishes! Round 2

The ones I moved outside last weekend are thriving pretty well too. I am thinking I’ll definitely need more lettuce to support our salad eating over the summer, but we’ll see. I also bought a basil plant from the grocery store which I’ll plant into a window box since I just couldn’t wait for the seeds to come up.


The big move

For the past week or more I’ve been bringing the little seedlings outside in the mornings and Will has been graciously bringing them in for me around 1. I read that in gardener speak this is called “hardening off.” They’ve been doing pretty well – the lettuce, chives and sage are all thriving, so they’ve been the first to make the big move outside!!

I have two window boxes in my possession, so these guys are in one right now. Check ’em out!

Window Box



Even though I planted them in biodegradable pots, I read a recommendation to take them out so that the roots won’t have to fight through the pot to get to more soil. They look reasonably happy but I’m worried about them already… they’re growing up so fast!

I also planted some more seeds to see what sticks: buttercrunch lettuce, kale, radishes, mint and more basil. These ones I planted in these fancy seed starters. We’ll see how it goes.

Chives and Sage

Alright folks, we got chives and sage coming up! The chives are the thinnest little stalks I’ve ever seen and the sage are very low, wide pairs of leaves just emerging from the soil. The lettuce is still going strong and the thyme is basically the same.

Some of the cups are getting a green sheen over the top… I hope that’s OK. I’m still watering when the top soil looks dry, which works out to be every other day or so. And it’s sunny for the first time in a week so hopefully that improves things for the little guys!


Quick update: there’s no update. The lettuce is going strong, and the thyme is still just hanging out. I’m surprised the basil hasn’t popped up yet since that’s only supposed to take 5-10 days but I’m sort of assuming I’ll just have to try again once it’s warmer outside.


Things are growing! The lettuce and thyme popped up about 2 days ago and the lettuce is really going strong. The thyme is still teeny but visible. Everything else is still just brown cups of dirt. I’ve been watering whenever the top of the dirt is dry, which hasn’t been every day but fairly regularly. In theory the basil should be up too, but it’s still been pretty cold and I guess it likes to be planted outside anyway, so we’ll see.

I also pulled the lavender out of the fridge because I read that it’s not really necessary (although everyone seems to have a different opinion). I also went a little crazy and ordered more seeds since I did more reading about what works well in containers. So this week I should receive radishes, butterhead lettuce, heirloom kale (which was free with the purchase), and mint (sorry, Mom).


Growing things in dirt

Since we moved to our condo last summer, I’ve been thinking about how to grow plants in the tiny outdoor space we have. We have what the realtor called a “sweetheart deck” that wraps around the corner of the space and is the width of a hallway–no adirondack chairs for us. We also have what is effectively a two story mudroom with windows on the south and east sides that gets tons of light and heat in the spring and summer. So I’m going with window boxes! In theory I have space for like 12 of them if I went all out. But since I’ve never grown anything before (I’m not counting that cactus I killed in college), I figured I’d start slow with 2 and see how it goes.

This is obviously a change in direction from the Whole 30 blog but nobody reads this anyway and I definitely need to document what happens for troubleshooting purposes. So until the fall, this is going to be gardening 101 for me. I mentioned to a friend who gardens that I was going to the garden store to by dirt, and she responded, “…we call that soil.” So I’m a newbie for sure.

Here’s what I’m starting with: basil, chives, lavender, lettuce, sage and thyme. I also got seeds for parsley and dill but those had special instructions so I didn’t plant them today. And I forgot to get mint which I definitely want.

# of pots seeds per pot Expected Germination Date Notes/Weird things Thinning



April 21 – April 26 Easy (but recommended to plant outside, whoops) When 2” tall, thin to 1 every 10”



April 26 – May 1 Germinates in the dark (?!) Not necessary



May 7 – May 21 Keep in the fridge for 3 weeks When 1” tall, thin to 1 every 15” – 18”



April 21 – April 26 Sounds finicky. It might be too hot on the back porch When 1/2” tall, thin to 1 every 6”



April 21 – May 1 Can be kept in a pot over the winter… we’ll see how it does outside When 2″ tall, thin to 1 every 12” – 18”



April 26 – May 1 Challenging to start from seed When 1″ tall, thin to 1 every 10”


There are my beautiful cups of dirt. Wish me luck!

Day 1… Again

so I was remiss and never posted our follow up from the last whole 30. BUT it was pretty wildly successful. We both felt great, lost significant weight (I think will lost 15 pounds and I lost 6), and stuck to the eating plan for a while… Until we didn’t. So here we are, back again! We have a friend in North Carolina who is trying it for the first time along with us too, so it’ll be nice to compare notes with her. And we understand the amount of prep work involved so hopefully there won’t be any meltdowns like the last time 😉
Day 1

Breakfast – mushroom onion quiche with a bacon crust. I’ve been using this recipe as a template for quiche for breakfast for the last few months or so. It’s not quite as good as the prosciutto egg muffins I was obsessed with for the last whole 30 but it’s way less labor intensive.

Lunch – buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. Isn’t it great that frank’s is Whole 30? We won a bunch of chicken at the elks meat raffle a few weeks ago and made a huge batch of shredded buffalo chicken and froze it. Super convenient.

Dinner – slow cooker butternut squash soup. My parents grew about 50 butternut squashes this fall so we will be eating this a lot. Deeeeeelicious. 

And no Will and I are watching Gotham and drinking tea! Back to our old and boring ways. How I missed them… we have a puzzle to do this time and I’m stupidly excited 🙂